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About us
หน้าเกี่ยวกับเรา Hosting-international.com: about us page. Web hosting services and internet domain. Hosting International an international “back office” network to offer quality service. The history and the idea of hosting-international.com strategy to serve hosting, domain and fast websites on our hosting.

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Potato hosting

From a basic idea to a final products or a ready to use hosting service, domain and website. All thanks to online cooperation.

About us

The idea of post something that everybody can see is appealing. Like broadcasting in small. You can see the success of Facebook or other “social”. In few words it is something you make available to anyone that has access to a computer with internet. This is the base of the web and internet. And the most important piece of all, beside technical infrastructures, is a website.

My interest on websites starts with html. With html you can make a whole website with a small computer and just the notepad program. A program of only 68Kb. But from few html syntax to a whole hosting, domain, website system and professional SEO services for companies it takes lot of knowledge and experience. And time. And many friends are necessary too.

The way I followed was basically the internet idea itself. Connections. In Internet you can build a network of people that share interesting things: pictures of shoes, new friends, teachers, tutors, cooking recipes and much more. So once connected in internet, you, or me, or anybody else became a “we”. We = the sum of all our connections.

I just put together, beside shoes pictures, really specialized people in many field: php, database, hosting technician, SEO guru, designers, Google engineers (you can really meet them and talk to them, click here to check) and other people in other fields.
You can interact in real time with them. You can use them service, you can pay technical services everywhere around the world. You can consult with them. So if I am in need of specific php solution to a problem I can get a deeply specialized php expert. I don’t need to have a building with dozens of programmers and technicians constantly busy working for me. I just operate with highly skilled figure for the undertake task time by time. So, instance after instance, occurrence after occurrence the hosting-international.com back office network grow and now, beside working for other web agency, all the advantage are deployed also to all the customer that want to use good hosting services, buy domains, optimized websites and to company that want to delegate somebody to manage the website related problematic, difficulties and update.

We choose shared hosting as, in “our” experience, the majority of people, shops, companies, small and medium business, beside few exceptions, don’t need more. Sometimes they just think to need more. But they do need a good service and a quality product.

In fewer words

Hosting international: what is? Professional hosting and domain sale. Where? In Thailand. For what? Your website! When? Everytime you need, your website will be online.
So just give “us” a try.

Thank you.

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