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Free home page
หน้าโฮมเพจฟรีภาษาไทย Hosting-international.com: get a free homepage. With Hosting International when you buy a domain, any TLD, you get a free homepage. A real home page in our fast hosting service, you can even personalize it with our CMS. It is a courtesy of hosting-international.com so maybe customization can seems limited but as it is free... just try it. See examples below.

Contact now: info@hosting-international.com (Thai only Telephone 0846363279)

Free home page

Play this video:

You buy a domain with Hosting International you will have a dedicated home page with the 1,000 THB offer. The home page will have a link to us. Eventually we can even remove it, free of charge. So you buy a domain and you have 2 email accounts and an home page. It is a very good opportunity. To buy the domain click buy domain name with home page. Usually the activation of domain and control panel for the email is immediate or after a little while. For the home page to be available you have to be patience for 1 business day. Alternatively of buying the domain directly online from the previous link you can also order by email: info@hosting-international.com. We will replay soon with some available names for you to choose and we will buy for you. You will receive then the bill for you to proceed with the payment and start to enjoy your domain, email and home page.
Offer limited to one home page for each customer. Availability has a limited daily supply.

Example of home page (this is an image), click to enlarge
Home page for you

You can customize your home page. You can read more about the home page or go to see the instruction how to customize your smallest website: your home page

What is a home page?

A home page is the first page of a website, the page that shows up when you type a domain name in a browser. It is also the first page that you get when you open a browser if you did set it up.
But a home page also commonly refers to a single page website. It is the most simple, easy and small form of website.
Yes, a micro website. It is a very important digital platform often underestimates.

A website require time to be build, require skill to be maintain, require qualify assistance if there is a problem. A website with few page, with an old look and maybe not mobile friendly and quite slow too, give a bad image to the firm, company or owner.
A nice, fast to load, essential single home page is much better. Then is also free and it use our fast hosting servers! You can start to promote yourself, give your domain around and if people will go to see it, they will get the necessary information you want to display in seconds. It can be a landmark for many initiative and promotion without the issues of a full website. Of course a one page website, or home page, will not climb the search engine by keywords but if it has been correctly build, it can be found by the domain name even if misspelled.

Why I need a home page?

Home page, microwebsite, one page website, or how do you want to call it, can be useful or even necessary in many cases.
It is like a digital business card. Can be reached also with a QR code. You can apply the QR code by printing it on your flyers or other advertising. People can share it to friends.

With an infinitesimal investment (yes it is free but you have to think what to write in it, so invest a little bit of time) can avoid a “Server not found” page linked to your new domain or also avoid a page full of ads when somebody visits your domain online.
It can be useful also for find your place: you can post a link to Google map to facilitate people that need to go to visit you. You can write your email in it or insert a form to receive email. You can post few essential images of your products. And when somebody will ask your domain you don’t have to answer: “under construction” or “I don’t have it yet”.
Buy a domain, get 2 email yourname@yourdomain.com and even a home page at yourname.com.

You can customize it

Yes you can customize it. If you have a small experience with any CMS or basic utilize of web site creation programs it will be very intuitive and you don't even need to look at the instructions. Anyway here the "how to customize my web page" step by step with figures explanation:

  • Change the text and some color of the text
  • Replace the pictures
  • Apply your logo
And it is still not all: you will also have your own privacy policy page! See a demo: single-page website.

Edit home page  Edit home page
Click to enlarge

How to customize your home page

Any domain name you buy you get this courtesy page that can be customized. You can also send an email to info@hosting-international.com with your text and your logo attached and we will prepare and post it for you. If you need a SSL certificate (https://) for your home page we charge extra 800 THB for 1 year, 900 THB for 2 years, 1,000 THB 3 years. Anyway here the instruction for "home page do it yourself" with our WYSIWYG CMS:

  • With or without SSL log in with the home page credential you will receive (that are different from other password) in update.hosting-international.com
  • Your home page will then appear in the content management system
  • look around for the letter "T" and click
  • Insert your own text
  • Click "Save draft"
  • Up to the page now click "Publish" and it will be done

  • You can see "how to update the homepage" with pictures (Click to enlarge):

    How to change/insert pictures

    For this operation you have to prepare in advance the picture and save the small image (the thumbnail) with size (width) 297 to fit with the template. If you then need that when somebody click on the picture the picture became bigger just save the same picture in a bigger size so of any image you will have to size, a big and a small.
    Once you have all your content, pictures, images, infographics, text or anything else ready you can proceed as follow:
    1. Click "T" and then then right click image you want to change
    2. Select "Image Properties"
    3. Select the tab "Upload" (figure number 1)
    4. Choose the picture you like (the one you saved with width 297)
      NOTE: you can also resize the images/pictures within the system but prepare everything in advance lead to a better result and standardized work
    5. Click "Send it to server"
    6. Then click the tab "Advance" and insert a title in Advisory Title
    7. Move to the "Image Info" tab and insert an ALT value (Alternative Text)
    8. Finally click "OK"
    9. Click "save draft" and "Publish Change"
    Change picture
    Figure 1
    Change the pictures

    NOTE: the points 6 and 7 are not mandatory but really it will be a well done work if you will do it.
    You have now correctly inserted your own picture.
    Use the same procedure to change the logo

    Use this different procedure for the main image as it has to be responsive:
    1. Point 1 the same
    2. Point 2 the same
    3. Point 3 the same
    4. Choose the picture you like (that you already prepare this time with width 700)
    5. Click "Send it to server"
    6. Click "OK"
    7. Click "save draft" and "publish change"
    Now repeat as follow:
    1. Click "T" and then right click the SAME image
    2. Select "Image Properties"
    3. Then select the tab "Advance" and insert a title in Advisory Title
    4. Move to the "Image Info" tab and insert an ALT value (Alternative Text)
    5. Now very important, still in the "Image info" tab write width:90% or 92% even 95% but 95% in some smartphone can give some problems (figure 2):
    Responsive fix
    Figure 2
    Change the main image

    Proceed now to link the small images (297px) with bigger images, if you need to enlarge them:
    1. Click "T" and then then click image you want to be linked with a bigger image
    2. Click the small chain image in the text editor symbols, the link symbol (figure number 3)
    3. Select the tab "Upload"
    4. Choose the same picture but bigger than 297px
    5. Click "Send it to server"
    6. Finally click "OK"
    7. Click "save draft" and "publish change"
    link to a big image
    Figure 3
    Link to a big picture

    You have now correctly link a small picture to a bigger one.

    If at anytime you have problem you can always rely on our support
    Watch this video for how to update your home page: Youtube update website

    Time to test this free home page. It is also mobile friendly, tablet friendly, desktop friendly (fully responsive) ...and it is even Google friendly... as long keep the images optimized.

    Last Note

    Remember that this is a free courtesy home page not a fully featured system for website. Use as it is.
    As this service use our same fast hosting if you want you can transform this homepage in a fully website with the opportunity to add pages and more customization. If you feel like you can do it all by yourself (of course our email support is available) you just request to activate our CMS at 3,000 baht and our hosting (for example Wise Hosting Promotion at 1,500 baht). Just request it us by email info@hosting-international.com
    Instead if you want a pre-made website that you can then update with this system you can read more here: fast ready website or click this link to order a website. If you already have a domain and or an hosting service with us, order your website by email so you can save as we will deduct what you already paid from the "ready fast website offer" price.


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