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ภาษาไทย Hosting-international.com: Web hosting talk. When you need a web hosting for your website and or a domain you can read this talk. Also includes the most common mistakes in judging a hosting service.

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Web hosting talk

This following mix between questions, answers, chat and talk about hosting and domain for your website. Present or future website or blog.

Enjoy your reading...
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We are still at the beginning so expect more in the future. So to begin, try to avoid mistakes:

The top 10 mistakes people make when choosing a webhosting package

  1. Judge a hosting service by the price Price too cheap is not good. Yes, this is what the common sense suggests. But think: make a good product with a cheap price is very difficult, make an awful product with an expensive price is very easy: just add one zero at the end of the price. It means that not all the “expensive” things are good. Judge by the price is not a good way to determinate the quality of products. Any. That’s why this “The top 10 mistakes people make when choosing a webhosting package” article. A first step instead is checking and compare the price and the renewal price. You could see that a good price is an expensive price after the first year. Hosting International buying and renewal hosting prices are the same. And at the end, a good hosting offer like the Wise Hosting promotion from us it is going to cost you like a pizza dinner with wine, and it last for 1 year.

  2. Choose a free hosting Free hosting What to do if after your great effort in building the website… the free service will expire “without prior notice”? Or they will ask an upgrade fee equal to an expensive hosting?
    Also the web hosting company may put unsolicited 3rd party advertisements on your website. Maybe there are minimum visit per day or your hosting will be deactivate. Or after 101 visits you need to upgrade. And also many function are not included like ftp accounts, subdomains and more.
    Anyway Hosting International also have some free promotions but combined with a purchase. We hope we are clear enough about what is really free:

  3. Choose a hosting service without taste them customer service customer service In case of need the hosting provider may not respond to your concerns. Try to check these details: can you find a phone number of the hosting company? It is easy to find it on the vendor’s website? Can you find physical address of the business on the ‘Contact’ or ‘About Us’ page? Can you contact them without sign up and without going through a complex questions and answers route before find the email of the support? So an easy task for you: send an email to them and see if they will answer you. It is normal to wait to get information but see if you will have a real human replay within 24 hours.

  4. Not enough technical information on the service Do you find enough information about the technical details and limitation of the hosting package? Usually in big characters you can see the disk space and the bandwidth. And what about:
    • Maximum number of concurrent web-server requests?
    • And the amount of RAM processes can use?
    • And the percentage of CPU time? Can it burst till 100%?
    • Virtual Memory Usage? I/0 usage?
    Don’t worry if it is too technical and you cannot understand these parameters, just see if they post it!

  5. Searching for ‘Top Web Hosts’ or “the best hosting” Never look for “the best” or “top”. First a companies that declare themselves the best, are not the best. Second, building a website and filling it with keywords like “top”, “the best” “number one” is not so difficult. Third; neither to create a second website with a different name that declare that particular hosting company is the best is difficult.

  6. Looking for ‘Unlimited’ Words like ‘unlimited’ doesn’t really apply in an industry such as the web hosting industry. It’s impossible to let customers host unlimited domains on a hosting account, unlimited disk space, unlimited SSD space and also provide unlimited bandwidth. So you could buy a single package from them, maybe 4.99usd a month, and then create and sell infinity websites…

  7. Signing up for a longer period of time This is a mistake. You never know what could happen and then you also demotivate the company to help you while hoping for your renewal.

  8. Are multiple addons domains allowed? This is a features that few people check when looking for a hosting. Nowadays domain names are cheap so also resisting in buying more is hard. Sooner or later you will start owning more than one. And what if you cannot link to your main domain or you cannot even create a small single page with few notes? Or you cannot create email with your new domain?

  9. Not checking the web control panel cPanel Many and also reliable hosting services on the market fall in this important feature. They don’t use a common control panel like cPanel, Pleask, DirectAdmin or other. They use them own. So you maybe will sadly discover that a basic function is missing, that there is not public documentation available and forums to get suggestions and everything you have to do is not so intuitive. In some case they allow you to addons other domains but only if you buy from them. Smart, isn’t it? Buy you can be more smart: buy where a typical web panel from the web host industry is available. Hosting International control panel is cPanel. Click the above cPanel icon to check the documentation.

  10. Know your hosting needs Don’t choose a hosting if you first don’t know your real needs. Ask to yourself:
    • Do you want something common (a WordPress blog, for example)?
    • Do you really need Windows applications?
    • What kind of website are you going to build?
    • Do you need a special version of software (ie. PHP)?
    • What to you need that special software for?
    • How big or small can the web traffic volume became?
    After asking to yourself, ask to the web hosting company and see if you will receive a wise or a simply commercial answer.

So after checking for these common mistakes we can start talk about your website and webhosting needs:

I want a web site
Good! Easy but you have to think to put some effort in it.

What if I don't want headache or not busy at all?
You can find somebody that makes it for you. Even us of course.

But I heard it is not difficult, isn't it?
Yes but need attention and effort, and not a bit.

What if I use WordPress or other CMS?
There you really have to put lots of effort! Beside you are expert in WordPress or other applications.

But I heard install a CMS is only 5 minutes?
The installation itself yes, when you already know much about the system and what you really have in mind. Usually the first good valid installation arrive at least after 2 weeks of hard working... you can read this article about: Install a CMS in five... thousand minutes.

OK so what if I want to do quick and almost painless?
First prepare your content. A big mistake is to prepare first the website and then the content. You can prepare the content with any text editor. Word for example. Keep on writing and writing...

Do I need images?
Yes. images talk by themselves. Infographic is also good. We will talk later on infographics.

OK assume I have the content, what next?
We suggest you to use our (of course) ready website if your website will not be a blog. Read more with the link to our ready made website page: easy website.

And what if I want a blog?
Do you really need a blog? Answer your question first and be sincere: you have to answer to yourself not us!

Yes I do
OK then you need a CMS. Much easier for manage the users that will leave comments to your blog

What if I need a blog but I will not allow comments?
In that case you can call it blog but you can also call it static website. So just use our ready made solution. See this page: static fast and easy website.

What about infographic you mention before?
Infographic are visualization of procedures, concepts, technical details and anything can immediate helps visitors better understanding what you are trying to explain with words.
Are different than pictures as are not shoots of reality but are manually created like a whiteboard in a lesson. It is used to help better understanding contents. An easy way to prepare infographics is use a diagram website. for example, draw.io.

What about design by myself?
This is very great if you can do it. If you are able to draw illustration or even simple icons you will have a great blog very personalized. To improve your skill you could read this article: how to draw better

What about using pictures from internet?
Yes many people create nice and suggestive web pages using image from internet. For example just google “ice cream”, click images and you will see many succulents images that maybe can fit and give a better look to your website, if it is about ice cream of course. BUT, yes there are some BUT:

  1. But 1: “but” you can fall under copyright infringement using some images from third party. You can avoid this problem just asking permission or use free available for commercial use images (like from pixabay.com) or buy on some websites for few dollars.
  2. But 2: “but” even when you get all the permissions to use that image probably that image is already present on internet and in many websites so your content will be consider not original content from search engines and this will not help your SEO.
  3. But 3: this is a positive but. “But” you can check how an image is around internet with few steps. Go to images.google.com (or .co.th or .whatever) in Chrome, reduce the size of the browser so you will see on your screen part of the desktop and part of Chrome, drag and drop the image you want to check in Chrome from desktop, wait and see the result. It is called Reverse Image Search, it is useful also to eventually check your new logo.
Reverse Image Search

To be continued...

Last Note

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Thank you


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