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หน้าเว็บโฮสติ้งภาษาไทย Hosting-international.com: Web hosting Page. We offer fast web hosting package for sale for your web site.

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Web hosting

You can buy your new and fast web hosting automatically in the Buy hosting page or send an email to info@hosting-international.com with your details. We will replay as soon and we will set up the hosting for you. You will receive then the bill for you to proceed with the payment and close the order.
Remember with us any hosting comes with a FREE SSL (it is a SSL for your domain name only, NOT a shared one)!

Web hosting

Your future online is waiting for you: take the occasion!

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is referred in the internet world as a computer connected to the web that store the file of a website. A web hosting service like our one allows people to make their website accessible via the internet or World Wide Web. The domain name that will be connected with your hosting package will be the address of your files in our hosting servers (server=computer). So by typing your domain name in a browser visitors will have access to your website (that is stored in a web hosting). More technical information can be found on web hosting Wikipedia page.

Why the need for fast hosting?

A web hosting that speeds up your website is nowadays a must for many reasons. Here a few

If a website is fast or slow does not depend only on the server and or the web hosting. Also coding is a very important matter. But a well coded website in a slow server is useless as people get bored of waiting and waiting. So start with the right foot for your new website choosing a fast hosting service.

SSD and speed

Our server is also equipped with SSD: Solid State Drive. Like in a pen drive o flash memory there are no parts that move like the arm of an hard disk. In a classic hard disk there is a read and write head that moves around to find and read the information on a storage disk. In an SSD information are stored in microchips. This difference is what makes SSD faster and safer and less subject to errors (error in reading = delay) due to moving parts. For practical and construction reason, safe maintenance, durability and affordable costs, all the hosting hardware is not only SSD, it is a mixed system with SSD and SAS (Serial Attached SCSI – SCSI = Small Computer System Interface) drives where SSD drives are used for caching to accelerate access to your hosted files.

Wise web hosting package

Between our web hosting packages we would like to suggest you one simple and unique offer: web hosting at 1,500 baht (43 usd) per year.
See in the web hosting price page the details of the offer or buy here the wise hosting package. For different offers just ask. We can create a personalized hosting sale for you.

Email package

Any hosting account we sale comes with a full cPanel that allows to create email accounts. To be precise 15 email accounts (free upgrade till 60 or even 100 email accounts always free). Or you can change the MX register to use your Gmail App or your Outlook account or other email services. To learn more about email check our email and disk space article in the hosting price page. Or write an email to us explaining your email needs. We will suggest you the more convenient email solution.

Hosting with bigger features

Smart Hi SO: 50GB disk space, unlimited email account, unlimited bandwidth, all operation through our operators: 5,000 baht/year with also one domain included in the price. Click to buy Smart Hi-So
cPanel Hi SO: 50GB disk space, unlimited email account, unlimited bandwidth, control panel: 6,500baht/year with also one domain included in the price. Click to buy Hi-So hosting
VIP Bangkok hosting: UNLIMITED disk space for website and email (not storage), unlimited email account, unlimited bandwidth, control panel: 7,500 baht/year with also one domain included in the price. Click to buy VIP hosting Bangkok
You can also order by email instead of using the above links.

If you want you can also compare all hosting offers.

WordPress hosting

Is there a special hosting for WordPress?
Basically most hosting packages are suitable for Wordpress. The official WordPress clearly state the requirements that are:

  1. PHP version 7.3 or greater (yes, we have it)
  2. MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.1 or greater (we do use MariaDB 10.1.18)
  3. HTTPS support (yes, all our hosting provide a free SSL certificate. And NOT a shared one!)
  4. The mod_rewrite Apache module (Yes with hosting-international.com it is enabled by default)
See the WordPress infographic requirements (screenshot from WordPress.org/about/requirements)

WordPress requirements

So we are suitable for run WordPress. But I would rather change your question in:
Which kind of hosting can make a different for a WordPress blog?
The WordPress managed hosting!

The WordPress managed hosting should assure you that your application (WordPress) is always up to date and it does not run unsafe plugins and also auto update your actual plugins. Should assure you a safe back up of the database and in case of security issue they (the hosting company) will urgently update your WordPress without let you being crazy following complicate instruction for patch or important code adjustment. Furthermore they will assure the correct functioning of the database even during some peck of traffic and instead limiting (blocking) the website when your hosting package resource reached the limit. Instead they will inform you that an upgrade it is necessary.

With a WordPress managed hosting you will have and feel a different.
This kind of hosting can be compared to a VPS or a dedicated server. But instead of a dedicate appliance you will have a sort of dedicated account where professionals can take care of the technical part of your website leaving you more time for the articles or the creation of contents in your blog or website. So you will still use a shared hosting but a team will overlook about it and they will have a dedicate support for problem related with WordPress: from some simple menu’ creation to a more complex problems regarding managements of posts and blog access. Of course they should have also a malware removal service included in the price in case your site is hacked. All of this only if the company is serious. Otherwise the words “WordPress hosting” are only words, catching eyes advertising slogans or empty marketing move. If in the offer there is no specification about the special services and how these service are deploy it will not worth to move for a “WordPress hosting”.

So, first of all you have to think about a managed WordPress hosting when you see your website encounter problems and then choose a good service comparing and reading and also asking to the support some questions to try to understand if it is a really WordPress managed hosting or just a advertising phrase.
If it is a shared but well managed WordPress hosting it could be even better than a not good WP managed hosting on a dedicated server! For example Raidboxes use a special dedicated technology that really can speed up your WordPress performance and any boring task related to WP will be taken off from you.
A valuable WordPress managed hosting should cost you from 1,000 baht per month (30usd).

If you don’t want to go so far our hosting is suitable for run WordPress websites as you just read it above in the WordPress requirements. You can install it yourself from Softaculous or ask us to do it for you. The version is the 4.7 But sincerely we don’t have a dedicate team for WordPress. We provide a valuable hosting and we solve problems related to eventual hosting malfunctions but not related to the single application. Eventually, if you are a WordPress guru, you can use our hosting and sell your services to your customers being you the “manager” of them WordPress websites hosted on your accounts with us. Many WordPress users are more interested in support than performance as their traffic is no more than hundreds visits per day.

Fast WordPress hosting

We set up a test WordPress site in our share hosting so you can see the speed and test it with Google. Click this link: PageSpeed Tools Insights and paste (after copy of course) the URL of our WordPress test site: http://goo.gl/O50kxQ
You can also see the site for yourself and insert some comments (after signi in). In this configuration we have an average result (pages: Home page, Page One, Blog, Gallery in 2 languages) of 97/100!
It does not matter how long will be your text content and how many images, pictures and infographics you will insert, as long as you keep them optimized, the result will be as fast as this example.

Fast Wordpress

Please note that we did some technical move to improve speed:
  1. Requirement of php7 MaridaDB 10 or higer- SSD equipped hosting - Datacenter connect to internet backbone
  2. WordPress version 4.7.5
  3. WordPress Theme: Twenty Eleven
  4. Free WordPress plugin "Autoptimize" (Online CSS and optimization also for JavaScript)
  5. Free WordPress plugin "Cache Enabler" (Create static html page of your website)
  6. WordPress, all plugins and themes are constantly update
  7. Compressing resources with gzip
  8. Leverage browser caching for several resources
  9. No useless frills accessories. But we do have image gallery
  10. All images are optimized
  11. Test by yourself: Fast WordPress
If you do need some JavaScript then install the Free WordPress plugin "Async JavaScript". Another suggestion is not to abuse with plugins and to use SSL (https) that we didn't in this exemple as it is a simple test and we can reset it anytime!
But the golden suggestion is to learn HTML (will take less time than deeply and professionally learn all functions of WordPress and related plugins) indeed you will also know what you are doing instead of get lost in menu' and submenu' of the CMS.

We choose this Theme because is fast and can be used for Blog as well as for website as it has the option of a static front-page.

If you like the performance of this WordPress site and you have the hosting with us or you are thinking to buy it with us, we can install this WordPress configuration for you including the above mentioned plug in and pages as in the example (but only one language). The installation is Free but for assistance in how to build a website with WordPress and future problems you should relay on the several WordPress forums available in internet

If you want learn more about speed up your WordPress site you can read this article: How to Score 100/100 in Google with WordPress.

Now we see we could create a fast WordPress blog with our shared hosting packages.
But what if we need a website but not necessarily a blog?
Yes first we need a web hosting and then we could build a web site, classically, in HTML.
HTML? I don't know… it is difficult! Better a CMS... easy: 5 minutes installation and is ready…
That's really not 100% true. If you don't need visitors posting comments but you need a website for your company, as a catalog, to show your services or other reasons you can go with html without fear.

You just read above about how much attention you need to create a fast website with WordPress, and then? The website is still not ready.
Then you probably want to set up 2 languages. So you need the plug in for the languages. Then you will discover that if you use a static front page the home page will be in a sub folder so you have to modify the .httacces file. And if you leave the home page as default it will be different than you want it.
Going back talking about create a multilingual WordPress site with Polylang (Polylang is the default plugin to create a site in WordPress with more than 1 language) but there is also WPML, another plugin. So first take your time to choose the plugin. Once you already choosen one on Youtube you can find many videos about “create a multilingual wordpress site” with Polylang or others plugins. The average is 20 minutes length.

In HTML is few seconds: you have yourfile.html so:
File/Save as/yourfile_ES.html/done it (ES for example for Spanish)!
Yes you have to change the links but simply add _ES in the URLs.

Another example: all WP themes have a footer that usually show something "like Proudly powered by WordPress" or other credits, with a link. Do you want to remove it? Try to Google "Proudly powered by WordPress" you will see many solutions, some very imaginative that even suggest you to use an international plugin and modify the related translation...
How to remove it? Well, find the footer.php file with a ftp client, download it, edit it with an html editor (after find out what to edit an how to edit) and upload it again.
HTML? Find the sentences with the common "Find" tool and "Replace" with what you want.
So in both case you need HTML.

We could talk for hours about html. The meaning is that if you're otherwise fit and healthy, there's usually no need to spends hours in learning “how to” WordPress (Wordpress alias any CMS), better spend equal or less time to learn HTML.
The different is that with WordPress or other CMS after few hours you can see the result online. With html you need to wait at least a week of deep learning before put online your page. But then everything will be in your hands and you will not be in need to see a doctor if your wordpress will have some strange flu-like symptoms and behaviors. You will be able to fix all the issues.

The better way to realize a long term website is to rest at home, keep warm and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration during the hours in front of the computer. For most people, this html learning will take about a week but then the satisfaction will be great.
If you will style your html website with clear css you can even change appearance in few minutes with “find and replace”. But you need to know what you are doing.

Find and replace

WordPress easy or difficult? Read more: Difficult to use but easy to learn or easy to use but difficult to learn? HTML: easy to use and to learn.
Looks too hard? We have our ready to use html website that you can update with an extra EASY CMS! So no need to learn html!
But if you do need a Blog better stick on CMS like WP, C5 and/or others.

Are there other apps to make website or only WordPress?
Alias: Other CMS (Content management System)?
We have our CMS that works without database so it is very fast but is suitable for static content (general websites) and not for blog. We can apply it to your html website.
You have to make your own html website
You can buy one ready website from us
You can find plenty of other CMS rather than WordPress.

Here we explain about one in particular: Concrete5.
We choose Concrete 5 as we like it. It is not an objective choice. It means that there are other CMS that you can find in internet that can be better or worse than Concrete5. We did not test all so our choice on Concrete5 it is not a result after tests but just an editorial choice.
The user interface of Concrete5 can result very easy. I would say very user friendly but as friendly it is a subjective notion (can be good for me and not for other person) just say that it is simple. For some reasons people that start to use concrete5 comes from WordPress. People that are very new and beginners in website creation start and tend to stick with WordPress. Maybe because is the most famous. So Concrete5 has a migration system for people that want to move them website from WordPress easily. About technical security both system as equivalent but, as WordPress is much more globally spread there are much more malicious system to hack a non well maintain WordPress site than a Concrete5 one. WP has much more themes and plugins than C5 but C5 has more built in function that in some case is not necessary for you to look around for plugins. But the site we tested with C5 results to be more slow than WP. Still studying the case...

I assume you will create a website that will stay on line at least for few years. So as both are free and both can be easily installed with Softaculous why don’t you install both and play around with them for some days? Invest few days of your time for a better long term result. And maybe you can even try more CMS and let us know…

Start to buy your hosting and then install WordPress or Concrete5 or your favorite CMS. We do suggest you the Wise hosting promotion.

Does a good agency need hosting services?

There is a common misconception that any company, which relies on the hosting services provided by other companies, is not reliable as it can’t take care of its own affairs.

Users, who have this opinion, are not fully aware of the intricacies of self-hosting.

Self-hosting is a thing. However, it is a complicated thing. Yes, hosting on your own means that you can access the servers used for storing files at any time and certainly know that they will be there tomorrow. Also, you get the freedom of editing them, and the entire structure of your website from the ground up. Basically, you become a homeowner online, where you are the boss…

...and you are responsible for EVERYTHING.

Here explain decision of self hosting companies by mentioning the following benefits:

Unlimited design solutions. With web design and web development included in the company’s services, some companies needed full creative freedom for demonstrating the competence of its experts. Self-hosting gives freedom over fonts style, site color scheme, footers and headers design and other elements, essential for creating a unique brand image.

Newsletter integration. For many online businesses EMM is a must. Being independent from the hosting service made it possible for the company itself to adjust their subscription tools more freely.

More control over online purchasing. It was important for the company to be able to select an e-commerce platform independently from the hoster’s condition.

Free plug-in implementation. Self hosted website is laden with complex online tools for customers: more plug-ins can be added or upgraded with time, so the company needed full autonomy on that matter.

Some of the major SEO services also doesn’t depend on any hosting platform and stores all its files on the servers of its own. However, it means that in case purchased a domain name, which in turn means that the company is responsible for all expenses, related to the online home ownership: the responsibility of any maintenance issues, any backup errors is laid entirely on the shoulders of the company programmers and tech experts. Therefore, it spends a lot more funds gained from selling service packages on keeping its business and data together and has to remember about the constant risk the company’s clients’ data is exposed to.

So, self-hosting is not necessarily better than hosting. There is a lot of hard work behind the stability of companies, and a lot of online companies, which failed because of self-hosting gone wrong. Your choice depends on whether you are ready to:

Therefore, when you encounter a company or an online business, which uses the services of other provider, don’t be in a rush to consider it incompetent - this is far from the truth. Quite the opposite, such business owners are obviously aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and want to make the best out of the security the Internet can offer.

Hosting Bitcoin

Bitcoin Hosting payment has been discontinued.
But the hosting is still there, just use normal money to buy it: FREE SSL (only for one domain: It is a SSL certificate which is associated with your domain name, NOT a shared one!), connect your domain/domains free, disk space 0.5 GB (free upgrade till 5 GB), 5 GB monthly bandwidth (free upgrade till 50 GB), Uptime 99.9%, 15 email accounts, forwarders and auto responders (free upgrade till 60), Webmail, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, 5 MySQL database (free upgrade till 20), 5 FTP accounts (free upgrade till 20).
Can fit the most and you can grow with it. Stable and fast hosting at a reasonable price: 1,250 THB per year that will be converted in BTC (now XBT).

To buy this offer just click Hosting

How to buy hosting
Buy hosting

We sell with e-commerce system but not only. You can go in the buy web hosting page and put your hosting package in the cart or you can ask us to do the sale process. Just write an email to info@hosting-international.com we will activate your hosting and you will receive the bill to pay and close the deal. Please note: you can use a domain that you already own (set nameserver ns1.hosting-international.com and ns2.hosting-international.com) or you can buy a domain with us. If you buy the hosting with us you have a 50% discount on the price of the first domain we sell to you (.com, .net, .org and few more only). Any hosting account has this 50% discount offer on first domain purchase.

Transfer website

If you already have a website and you don't feel satisfy with it and you want to move/transfer your website to our fast hosting, we can help you. If you think it is too boring or time consuming we can transfer it for you. If the hosting where your website is located offers a cPanle with backup functions we will do the transfer free of charge. If your web hosting doesn't have this function we will evaluate case by case. We will advice if we can do it, if we can do it for a fee or if we can't do it due to technical reasons.

Last Note

If you have special hosting requirements or you desire more features just ask. As we think an human approach is necessary to better serve customers instead of a series of coded offers, just write us your request by email: info@hosting-international.com We we will be able to give you wise advices and prepare a unique sale offer. Thank you for your preference.

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