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หน้าบริการสำหรับบริษัทภาษาไทย Hosting-international.com: Companies dedicated page. Peace of mind about the web for your company. Easy solutions: stay online without worrying. Only one figure to relate: hosting-international.com for email, domain managements, web hosting and updating your website. Even creating it. New website focusing on speed, user friendly and SEO. We can maintain it for you. No more running after quitting staff or not being able to access your website, lost password and lost manuals. You can delegate us to take care of it.

Contact now: info@hosting-international.com (Thai only Telephone 0846363279)

Our web services for companies:

Forget headache. We take care of all your web

Customized web services

Easy web: do you need to sell only one item? You need a website for only a week or a month? Maybe you want people pay you online for few services or products but you don’t want to do all the journey of setting up accounts, link banks, prepare invoices templates, PayPal and credit card accounts, following emails and whatever else should put in place to operate online. We can operate as trusted online services for you. Personalized web services. Just explain what you need and the solution will not be expensive neither complicate. Let us operate on behalf of you.

Choose the right domain

Not always a key word domain name is useful. Not always a branding oriented name is a good solution. Sometimes the name is already taken. Consult with us to avoid mistakes in buying a new domain name.

Trademark your domain or your name/logo

Register an internet domain name is only a first step. If you don’t also trademark it somebody can use it for his company name with simply a differnt TLD. Register a logo and name in Thailand with us is not that expensive: 2,500 baht + fees (fees are usually around 1,000 baht for one function). The approval of your registration depend on the Department of Intellectual Property of Thailand (DIP). We will do a first research to check if your name is not already registered. But later could eventually emerge match with similar names or other under consideration request and be rejected from the DIP. In any case all the paid sums are not refundable.

Ready available fast website

Nowadays web visitors, during a search, have an attention period span of 8 seconds. They will only pay attention to titles looking for real substance. When you burn 5 or 6 second in loading your website... you will lose a potential customer as they will only have 2 seconds left before they eventually get bored. The website “the fastest web“ is a solution where you can choose the color combination and of course apply your logo. After one week the website is online waiting for you to add pictures and text with our CMS. Easy to use. Support via remote desktop is provided. The website is very fast! Is optimized for search engines and mobile, tablet, desktop. Price including our wise hosting formula and 1 domain .com is 6,000 baht per first year, 6,500 baht following year. At time of purchase you will receive a coupon for a discount of 500 baht to use also for the renew.
The website will have 10 pages:

If you need 5 extra pages: 2,000 baht for all 5 pages
Extra language set up for 10 pages: 3,000 baht (only set up of pages and links, not any translation).
To create the website the customer will provide address, telephone number, email, logo, name and titles for all pages and title for logo. All the rest will be uploadable by customer. To better understand titles and more setting check the below images:

Click to enlarge and better understand what is necessary to create a fast website
Information website Website colors

The website is html also optimized for Google. Pictures and images must be cut in the suggested size before upload to the website in order to maintain a shape and keep the multiple optimization of the site. If you think there is much to do you can combine with a maintenance package (update content by email with our operators) so you don't need to worry about size of pictures. Scroll down here for read about the maintenance packages.
Limit of the website. As the website is build to be fast (html) there are some limitation. To better understand we start to explain what is necessary to make a good website. As stated above you will have to provide address, page names and more. Let's use the "about us" page as an example of an hypothetical computer website of a company in Bangkok called Bangkok Server (it is a fantasy name). You have to provide:

All the rest you will upload by yourself
The above details must be provide for each of the page and cannot be changed beside once in a long while... Of course mistakes can be correct. But the name of the pages, titles, descriptions (the link structure) as well as colors it will be an heavy work to change so this is the limit.
Eventually you can ask us to do the copywriting of the pages including descriptions. Contact in advance for a quotation in case you want to delegate to us this job.

Ready available e-commerce website ready for you to add your product and start to sell. Support with Team Viewer is provided. Price including our wise hosting formula and 1 domain .com is 7,000 baht per year.
You can combine the above offer (The fastest web) with the e-commerce offer to have a fast website that will drive your visitors to the e-commerce website. Price including the 2 web and our wise hosting formula and 1 domain .com is 9,900 baht per year.
Customer will be able to select products or services and add in the shopping cart. Then they will pay in bank. If you need an automatic payment system you have to provide the adequate documentation and we will activate for you. Activation is 2,000 baht per system. Not including providers (eg: bank, Paysbuy, 2checkout) fees.
E-commerce website are usually slow as need to load all components also in client side for shopping, so usually a normal website will introduce then to the e-commerce website is the top solution but our e-commerce system is really fast ⚡.

Check some e-commerce and websites examples.

Creation pages in AMP HTML

AMP HTML is a new standard of Google. Google recognize this standard and classify it as a fast website. You can see here the AMP version of this page. Or you can discover more about AMP on this AMP HTML article and here for understand how AMP is related to search result in Google.
Another important aspect of AMP is that once Google recognize that the page is in AMP HTML it will cache your page. This means that in case of a poor internet connection to your website or problems with servers, Google will serve the page that has been cached to the user through it systems, servers and CDN. That's a great think to be always reachable!
Difficult to talk about a price as “one page” can have few pictures and few text as it can have dozens of both. Without commitment we can say that the price will be 1,700 baht per page. Please ask quotation before: fill this form or send an email to speed@hosting-international.com

Very important! Copy and paste down here the link (URL) of the page you would like to became AMP HTML:

Of course we can create a completely new page in AMP from scratch or a whole website.

Setting up email system
Email system infographic

Use an email with @yourdomain.com to give a better image to the company. You can use your new email or use your existing email that will be linked to the @yourdomain email. One email, two email or a full hierarchic complex system that allow to control all user and email. System that can be operated by you or we can do it on request. Difficult to say a price in advance. Please contact 0846363279 to disclose your email problems. To know more about email ideas check our email suggestions or watch the videos that you can find in our support page dedicated to email. To avoid confusion please contact us!

Hosting assistance

Web hosting is easy: user name, password, upload some files and you are online. But sometimes it is not so easy. The server configuration, the safety blocks and features, the update patches, the speed related problems, the expiration date, the danger of being hacked. And more: the amount of bandwidth, the email that use all your disk allowance and so on. We can advice about your hosting. If it is time to change, upgrade or other recommendations.

Speed up your website

Speed up a website is much more easy and achievable than “be on the first page of Google”. And, this is a fact, Google prefers fast website. Even if being only fast will not bring you on the top of search engine, being fast will really make your users, customers and visitors happy. They will not abandon your page because of indefinitely loading and waiting times and they will appreciate more your website, your offers, your services. Being fast and visible on mobile and tablet devices is a must. Contact for a diagnosis, therapy, cure and price to speed up your website.

Updating packages

There are two ways to update your website: do it yourself or we do it for you. In the first case we can apply a CMS to your existing website so it will be DIY + CMS. Price 3,000 baht per year. Note: not all website can be equipped with our CMS. Once in place you will do the rest. In the second case you send an email to us with text and pictures. We will send you an example to how deploy your content in your email so we can easily understand. You will just have to tell the name of the page to update, attach the images and write the text. We will also optimize the images so you can send to us your pictures in any format/size. Very easy. The price must be discuss depending on the mass of work that will involve our team.

Last Note

We are just happy to answer to your questions. Is part of our marketing be recognized as an helpful website. The work and the orders follow this route. Thank you for your preference.

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