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Wix SEO Hero challenge

What is the Wix SEO hero challenge?

Wix SEO hero challenge is a competition about SEO friendly platforms. As Wix is known as not so SEO friendly platform (one single example out of many: in IE 9 some website built on Wix platform result in blank screen) they will build a website focusing on “SEO Hero” keywords and challenge anybody to create a website on any platform with the same keywords. The website that will perform better in Google will win 50,000usd.
(more about the Wix SEO Hero challange in this link)

It sounds good and can also appear sincere from them to use this competition to show around that they can win or presumably be in second or third position. But the stakes is height for them, not about 50,000usd that is a good prize but about to show the Wix SEO friendly platform. So they will use as many resources as possible. They can create hundreds of well written pages, info graphics, illustrations, articles, videos, interactive comments with moderator, back links from them legitimate network. And it will be easy, during the competition, adjust them results to stay above others. An emerging website is threatening the pool position? So just create 20 more pages! As SEO is first of all (but not all) content, just create lots of contents. But who has these kinds of resources? And the time? Will you let down your customers for an hypothetical and improbable win? They are ready to hire people to create contents. Will you hire a team? Maybe Word Press or other company that own some worldwide known platforms would like to join this? I don’t think so. Word Press, for example, don’t need so much advertising in this moment, is going quite well, people like it.

So I think it is wise not to enroll.

I also think a fairer and really brave challenge from Wix would be offering something different. For example if Wix would prepare 20 pages (or maybe 30) full of contents about “SEO Hero” and ask people to reproduce exactly the same, no one word more, no one word less, on them website it would be more close to a real SEO platform performing test. Wix should grant permission under a certain license to use those created contents and let people upload all the content on the same day on them websites. So in that scenario we all will see the platform that will better perform with SEO, not in the way this competition is actually organized.

The Wix SEO Hero challenge at this moment is like to proof which vehicle engine perform better with this test: bring as much as weight you can up to an hill. Which engine will win? The latest electric solar panel equipped car? The new low emission hybrid car? A F1 Ferrari? Or an old Chinese huge truck that will perform using 4 liter per/km with a black diesel smoke cloud in the back? Sure that truck will win! As long as there is no limit on fuel in the challenge… and there is no limit in numbers of page or amount of content in this challenge! So let’s win the biggest, not the better!

Massimiliano Rubino

Update April 2017

The contest had a winner. It was not on a Wix platform, neither on WordPress. Was a well made website:
Beside visit the site you can read more about it: Winner of Wix’s SEO Hero challenge explains strategy.

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