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หน้าแรกโฮสติ้งและโดเมนภาษาไทย Hosting-international.com Hosting-international.com is a Thai hosting service: web hosting services with clear prices for sale. Very fast and reliable for mobile optimization as we were Google/Partners certified (see below for details). Hosting and domain names, normal (Latin) and Thai language and Thai characters domains (name.com ชื่อ.com), .com, .org, .co.th, .ไทย and many more.

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Do you want to have a website? Do you own or manage a small or medium enterprise (SME)? This is the hosting for you. Keep on reading about hosting sales or scroll down to the domain section. Our hosting is fast and reliable. Edge technology is used in our web hosting. The alternative hosting-international.com wise hosting formula offers flexibility in resources without additional cost! Simply on request we increase your allowance of bandwidth or disk space (please see more details and limits in the hosting prices page or scroll down to features).
Note: all purchases on our website are safe, click https://hosting-international.com

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Hosting that grows
Growing hosting

Web hosting and domains

Wise hosting

This "wise" formula from Hosting International allows you to buy fast web hosting for a cheap and convenient price without renounce or compromise your hosting need. We start with a fully featured cPanel® that include, for example, also Attracta® SEO tools, website backup wizard, CloudFlare, password protect directories, parked domain, addons domain, advance DNS editor, PHPmyadmin, CGI, Pearl modules, Ruby on rails, hot links, cron jobs, web stat, Softaculus for easy install WordPress and many other applications also for web cart and e-shop, e-commerce. Of course are present all the standard features like file manager, ftp accounts, emails, spam filters, forwarders, MX entry and more.
The wise idea is that bandwidth and disk space that we sell are not unlimited or exaggerate but you can ask to get more "power" and it will be granted to you simply on request without additional cost. In this way we allocate the necessary resources depending on the needs of the webmasters. Many websites don't need so much bandwidth or huge disk space, so why give out and waste resources when they don't need them? If you need it you can ask for it. Of course there are some limits.
Price 1,500 baht (43 usd) per year. Benefit and features that you will get:

  • FREE SSL (for 1 domain only, It is an SSL certificate which is associated with your domain name, NOT a shared one!)
  • Connect your domain/domains free, maximum 2. Do you want to connect 4 domains? Free upgrade to 4! (Domains not included can be bought also from other providers)
  • 0.5 GB disk space. Do you want up to 5 GB? Upgrade for free till 5GB step by step!
    Do you need even more space? We think you don't! Please read more about email and disk space
  • 5 GB monthly bandwidth. Do you want up to 50 GB? Upgrade for free till 50GB! Or even 100 GB
  • Uptime: 99.9%*
  • Email accounts, forwarders and auto responders: 15. Do you want 60 or even 100 email account? Upgrade still free!
  • Webmail, SMTP, POP3, IMAP: YES!
  • MySQL database: 5. Do you want 20 databases? Free upgrade till 20!
  • FTP accounts: 5. Do you want 20 FTP accounts? Free upgrade till 20!
  • Dedicated IP extra 1500 baht/year (43 usd/year) including reconfiguration
  • And much more. Click to buy it now or read more tech specification in the hosting prices page
  • *Why some other companies offer uptime 99.99% instead of 99.9%? Because even in the best safety scenario accident can occur. One small fire that forces us to use a backup server will bring down from 99.99% to 99.9%. So we do specify 99.9% even if is 99.99%.
You can constantly check the uptime with this free tool: Uptime/downtime from websiteplanet.com

How to buy hosting:
Buy hosting

You can go to the buy hosting page to buy this offer or write an email to info@hosting-international.com

3 and more reasons to settle with us
Web hosting choice

  • Fast hosting in one easy package that is good for the most
  • We want to achieve, not beat others
  • We want to grow, so we want you to grow
  • We are Google certified for mobile site
Google certification

Google certification

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First page in Bing.com for hosting-international.com with keywords "fast hosting Thailand"
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Personalized hosting formula:

Personalized web hosting

If you have special requirements like CDN (Content Delivery Network) or you are expecting huge traffic and you need something that can handle your website under "stress" consult us for a personalized sale offer. Even if you just need a few small features that are not indicated on our website we can help.
When you will grow you will need a personalized solution. When hosting is going to cost much more than a dinner with wine, why buy a pre packed probably not suitable solution? Consult with us before and use your budget to buy what you really need. You will use your hosting for years. Contact our hosting guru in our contact page or email info@hosting-international.com

On a budget? Not so expert?
Budget web hosting

With only 1,000 baht you can buy the same hosting as above but without control panel. Everything will be done by our operator via email. This offer is suitable for people that just want to have a website and stay away from any technical stuff. To buy this offer click: Lady hosting promotion or write an email.

Hosting notes, hardware, location and speed:

All our hosting uses a partialized SSD (Solid State Drive: as a memory stick there are no moving parts to an SSD = much faster!). You can read more about SSD hosting on our hosting offers page.

The hardware where your website will be hosted is SSD-equipped. To avoid major problems and to meet ever increasing web hosting service demand we choose to go with a reputable well-established company. The hardware is located and assisted from a well established datacenter company in the UK. This is not a disadvantage: just check the speed of this website: copy and paste hosting-international.com in:

Or try in your Command Prompt to "tracert hosting-international.com". The best speed test you can do is open a new tab, write the URL of the website you want to test and press enter or go. Then just count the second with your hand: one, two, three... till the website is loaded and you can read it all!

Of course the use of a not ftp CMS like WordPress or other full of resources database CMS will bring down these values. If you want to stay fast and safe we suggest you to use WordPress AMP plugin (need to be a bit in the field) or use our ftp CMS (extra 1500 baht/year -43 usd-). This kind of CMS requires that you are able to create your website by yourself with an html editor. Getting too technical? For free consults about AMP HTML and how to speed up your website send us an email @ speed@hosting-international.com

The hosting is Linux and is shared hosting CloudLinux. With CloudLinux any single account cannot take most of the shared resources as it will automatically be limited in the single account environment so no need worrying about neighbors with heavy sites or unoptimized sites. You can work with Windows of course and upload your site html, php or create it and manage with WordPress or other more or less famous CMS or blog.

14 and more tips to choose a hosting service

Infographic choosing web hosting

Is there a SEO friendly hosting? NO. There are unfriendly SEO hosting. When hosting is not suitable for users is not suitable for SEO. A slow server, a hosting plan with resources not adequate to the volume of visitors, a hosting that most of the time is not reachable. These examples are not user friendly neither SEO friendly. But a shared hosting with resources proportionate to the use is OK.
Can share hosting give problems due to a bad website on the same machine? If the shared hosting uses CloudLinix or similar systems that keeps the websites separate no. The only risk is if one of the websites is used for spam and it will incur in a block, consequently all the websites on the same IP will be not reachable for the time the hosting company will fix the issue. To avoid this risk (that nowadays good shared hosting companies minimize already due to usage policy and algorithm checks) you can simply buy a dedicate IP, much less expensive than a private server only for you, or a virtual private server (if you want it we have...).
If a website is on the same server of an adult website, will it be related to my website? No. You can be reassured also from this video as well: Can a spammy website affect the ranking of other sites?
Can a selected hosting with different IP class A or C addresses be useful? Absolutely no. Some SEO playmakers speculate that if you build some minor websites to get links to your site and put on different class series IP numbers, Google can think that are website not related to you and valorize these links. This is decisively not true:

  1. If the websites are just a few simple pages build to get a backlink, do you think Google as well as Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Ask and others search engines will not know that these websites have no value at all? So either the links will have no value.
  2. Instead if you build, for example, 10 nice, useful and full of great contents websites, for which kind of reason you want to hide to the search engine (and the public) that are all yours? Let them think that you are a trustful source of information (=authority).
  3. Furthermore there is the Whois that will show who owns the website so it will be a double useless effort to buy different IP numbers on different C class
  4. If to hide the real ownership/identity of a website you will use a fake or not related name in the Whois (or apply a privacy protection) you are deceiving the true.
  5. So, first you try to manipulate Google showing different IP class numbers, then you will manipulate the Whois. You will risk incurring in what is called Negative SEO = Google would apply penalties for manipulative links. Good road to get banned from search engines.
  6. Then, with the latest Penguin version and the evolution of other Google zoo members, Google will exactly know to who the site belongs (file fingerprints and more) and if the link should be considered a natural organic backlink or an arranged bad link.
  7. If you have nice websites, even 20, that all link to another website of yours, the links will be good links as came from good websites. Easy, natural! No tricks.
  8. You can check the best answer in this webmaster central help forum about this topic
Can the location of a server compromise the speed? A server located in Thailand can be reached within few milliseconds (IF it is a good server connected to a powerful main internet backbone only), the same server in Europe can be reached (from Thailand) in 10/20 milliseconds, if in the USA can be reached 100/150 milliseconds. So you can see even if there are differences between locations, are a nonrecognizable differences. We are talking about milliseconds (this is the ping response, not the global website load time). Then don't forget to think that maybe you want to be reached also from another location in the world. And Google spider mainly crawls from the US. If your activity is in Thailand Google and other search engines will find out, doesn't matter where your server is. This very short article about server location can let you understand more.
Should I buy an hosting/domain with the privacy option on? No. Think about your customers as you were them. Would you make business with a person that doesn't want to reveal his name and his place of work? Privacy protection is useful when you are going to buy or own several domains and you still don't know if you will use for future websites or other purposes, like avoid other people to buy. In this case you can consider a privacy protection.

What about WordPress hosting? Please read this article about our WordPress hosting and fast WordPress.

More questions? Just send an email to speed@hosting-international.com

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What is cloud hosting?
Who does need cloud hosting?
When it is the time to use a cloud hosting?
Where is really located a cloud hosting?
Why should I use a cloud hosting instead of a traditional hosting?
How does cloud hosting work?

This and more information in our cloud hosting report to let you better understand this new hosting trend.

Self hosting? Self hosting means you have the hardware (computer) where your website files are located with you. Sometimes also referred to do all in the house without outsourcing neither design and technicians. Usually only some big enterprises do it. You can read the Semalt, Moz, and others: does a good agency need hosting services? article about this topic.

Something easy to read that will help you in choosing a web hosting is this very informative article about The top 10 mistakes people make when choosing a hosting company.

You can also read this article about a Wix SEO contest

Or this about mistakes that hurt SEO.

Wise and human
Happy to serve you

If you don't feel like using an automatic system to buy hosting you can turn to us and ask to buy it for you. Same price: 1,500 baht/year (or 43 usd/year). If you then also need to install WordPress, Magento o any other application that we offer in the cPanel we can install it for you at a fee: from 250 till 500 baht (7 till 14 usd). Some we install for free like WordPress and more. Note that we install and check that it is working but we don't give any support to the application. You should turn to their forum or support for instruction and assistance. Of course we give assistance on hosting related problems. So for an order just email to info@hosting-international.com

Web hosting restrictions

You are welcome to use our web hosting services for personal or business. We have some restrictions:

  • No politics topics/discussion
  • No Religions topics/discussion
  • Everything else is against any Thai law
  • Other limitations and rules present in the contract at time of purchase and/or in the terms of use of this website. The link at the bottom of this page.
  • Please consider that our algorithm is very good in find who broke these restrictions and the related hosting account will be suspended and eventually terminated. Moreover we reserve the right to refuse the service without prior notice and the absolute right, in our sole discretion, to terminate services and close accounts without being liable for any kind of damage. Please do not break any laws or rules.


    The speed is one of our priority like the quality of hardware and global reliability. Anyway, even on the fastest server of the planet, if a website is wrongly coded and stuffed with database that cross each other, tons of WordPress plugins and flash videos or other creepy useless special effects, the site can result tremendously slow. To avoid any misunderstanding you will have 10 days after your hosting purchase to renounce and we will credit back the amount of your invoice. Please note that if you bought a domain with 50% discount we will charge the other 50% of the domain price before refund as domain sale is not subject to this warranty. Warranty applies only to hosting services. Domain no-refund. If you want we can immediately keep the credit or transfer to other hosting-international.com accounts.

    Internet Domain Name

    Infographic domain

    You can buy your domain name for your identity on the web, your personal emails, your website. Domain extensions available (TLD price/year):

    • your-domain.com 500 baht (14 usd)
    • your-domain.net 500 baht (14 usd)
    • your-domain.org 600 baht (20 usd)
    • your-domain.co.th 960 baht (27 usd)
    • ชื่อโดเมน.com native Thai language domain 500 baht (14 usd)
    • ชื่อโดเมน.ไทย native Thai language with .ไทย extension domain 890 baht (25 usd) and you will get a free yourdomain.in.th
    Many other extensions are available. To buy your domain and see our whole catalog, prices and domain availability go to the domain page. If you want we do it for you. Just write an email to info@hosting-international.com with the name you would like to buy. We will answer with a list of names available and you can choose and place your order. same price! Human and wise service!
    Please note:
    If you buy an hosting service with us you have 50% discount on the first domain you buy (.com, .net, .org only).

    Features Domain Name:

    DNS control, emails, POP3/SMTP, IMAP

    Special Domain Name Services:

    • Premium DNS for a 100% active DNS in any situation: 450 baht/year (13 usd/year)
    • SSL (https): 2,500 baht/year including: activation, installation and dedicated IP if with our hosting (hosting must be purchased separately, anyway all out hosting offers come with a FREE SSL!). More on SSL.

    Full TLD list: domain price list

    Payments: You can pay with bank transfer, Paypal or debit/credit card online. Here more information

    Bangkok bank Visa card Mastercard American Express card Discovery card Paypal Verify by Visa Mastercard Secure

    Hosting-international Thai business registration (e-Market Place) protocol number 200029001711: "Hosting services, domain registrations and website creation".

    Last Note

    On the market you can find cheaper service (as well as more expensive). The best savings for a hosting is the hosting that better fit your needs. We take a wise and human approach in to this matter and we think and we would like to hear from you. Our actual pricing choice allows us to work with quality in mind instead of competitiveness at any "cost". If there are some features not included maybe we can include as a bonus to our new customer. Any case will be evaluated. Thank you for your preference. ภาษาไทย: โฮสติ้งและโดเมน

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    Feedback? Review? Comments? Please feel free to write in our Google+ account hosting-international.com or in our Facebook hosting and domain fan page thank you.

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