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Domain names
หน้าโดเมนเนมภาษาไทย Hosting-international.com: Domain Name Page. We offer internet domains names for sale. Domain names and SSL certificates. Beside the common .com, .net & .org also domain in Thai characters, with .ไทย (.thai) TLD or .co.th. Note that all domain include 2 free email and also a free home page. Other TLD available. Check domain:

Contact now: info@hosting-international.com (Thai only Telephone 0846363279)

You can buy your domain automatically by yourself. We sell in the buy domain name page or drop an email to info@hosting-international.com with your favorite domain and extension (TLD). We will replay soon with some available names for you to choose and we will buy for you. You will receive the bill for you to proceed with the payment. All online transactions are guarantee safe from:

Shop safely

Internet domain name

Many TLD available

Be smart:
make yourself happy with an internet domain



Buy a domain and get free 2 email and free home page! Yes, a real home page with some content from you and also few pictures. If you need we can add a form for you to receive email directly from your home page. A home page is like a little website made of one page only. The home page is included in the price of any domain.
It is not a hosting service, is a courtesy home page. We will place a small link to this website. If necessary we can remove the link free of charge.
So, what do you think? You can buy your domain and then while waiting about what kind of website you want to build you will have a home page online so you can start to spread around your new domain name.
The home page will be super fast and mobile friendly! Discover more about this free one page website offer.

Our domain names for sale:

This some of the TLDs available: .com 500 baht (14 usd), .net 500 baht (14 usd), .org 600 baht (17 usd), .co, .ca, .com.au and more. We also have TLD with promotional prices for the first year. For the full list go to the domain price list section where you can also find interesting extensions like: .care, .guru, .holdings, .equipment, .graphics, .photography, .solution, .cheap, .club, .repair, .coffee, .construction and many more.
For the Thai TLD like .co.th or .ไทย (.thai) and โดเมนเนม.com go to the Thai domains page.

SSL certificate for sale:

Secure your website with SSL certificate. Price:
One year: 800 THB
Two years: 900 THB
3 years: 1,000 THB
Including installation! SSL details here

How to buy domains

Automatic and human services are available to buy domains: you can go the buy domain page, choose the domain and insert it in the cart, shop around a bit more and proceed to check out with your debit/credit card or Paypal. Or pay in bank. Instead you can write an email to us. We will do the process for you.

Wise domain website

Wise thinking we will suggest you a domain name that fits with your needs avoiding common mistakes in choosing a domain name. For example it is not so good to have a domain name with 2 or 3 "-" hyphen symbols. It is not good to have a domain that copy another domain. For example if the domain veryfastweb.com is taken maybe you will think to buy theveryfastweb.com. Beside it is not an elegant move, Google algorithm will keep in mind that you are trying to copy... These and more motifs can let you spend your money in a wrong direction. Our human assistance is free! We will be happy to help you as sale domains is our job.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a name, a word, more words together that the DNS (Domain Name System) combine with an IP address that is the number of the computer in the web (World Wide Web) where a file, a full website and eventually email are stored (yes this is a very primitive interpretation). So if a user would like to reach a determinate IP does not have to digit the IP that is more complicate to remember but he will digit the name. Moreover the same IP (computer) can hold more than a website and the domain name together with the DNS can point directly to the website you want to reach. Same for the email: when you write a name of an email, for example info, it the will go to the info mailbox @ (belonging) to that domain name. For more technical description of what is a domain name here some links: in short and in longer explanations.

Why I need a domain name?

You need a domain name if you want to have/create a website, blog and if you want to use email with your name. For example info@yourname.com.
Maybe you also want to have a domain only to avoid somebody else buy it and use the domain you like. For example, if you buy superhostingbangkok.com nobody else can buy it anymore and you can be sure it will be your as long as you will pay the annual fee. In this case, if a .com domain is bought with us, it will be 500 baht/year. Buy the way, we have discount coupons.

Domain name features

Any domain name will have some free features and some upgradeable features:

  • Free full DNS control panel. You can choose your own nameserver
  • 2 email accounts with 100MB each with free fraud, spam and virus protection. Service upgradeable to 5GB from 300 baht/year per account (8.5 usd). You can set up your email accounts by yourself or ask us to do it for you. The use of free email is with our nameservers only.
  • Free: you can change MX record for use external email app like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo...
  • Free redirect: you can redirect the user to another website when they type your new domain name in the browser
  • Free email forwarding to forward emails to your existing email account
  • Control panel to register and renew your domains. You can anytime ask us to do it for you
  • Lock domain
  • For a full price list of all TLD vailable visit the domain price list page.

    Extra domain name features and SSL

    Beside the upgradeable email service there are some other special features for your domain names with a small fee:

  • Premium DNS for a 100% active DNS in any situation: 450 baht/year (13 usd/year). This give superior protection against DNS-based DDoS attacks that can occur even in the most secure environment.
  • SSL (https) certificate (Domain Validation DV): 2,400 baht/year including: activation, installation and dedicated IP if with our hosting (hosting must be purchase separately).
  • Saving SSL (https) certificate (Domain Validation DV): 800 baht/year, 900 baht 2 years, 1,000 baht 3 years including: activation, installation WITHOUT dedicated IP with *SNI (Server Name Indication) technology in our hosting (hosting not included). This SSL can be installed also in your hosting. Please check if you have dedicated IP or if your hosting provider use SNI.
  • One or more features that you would like to have are not in the above list? You can contact info@hosting-international.com and simply ask
  • Buy SSL certificate here.

    Why should I need a SSL certificate? Beside it is more safe as exchange of information between your visitors and the server are encrypted, it boost a little your website in Google (read more about SSL SEO) and you can show around in your ads that your website/firm use a SSL certificate (https).

    Please be aware about SSL certificate if used in our hosting: the cipher suite (TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES _EDE_CBC_SHA) that Internet Explorer in Windows XP uses for HTTPS connection was disabled as outdated (insecure). That means that website holding SSL certificate within our hosting (about different hosting you should inquire with your provider) will have problems in with Internet Explorer and Safari in Windows XP. Instead with XP there are no problems with our SSL on Firefox, Chrome, Maxthon, Opera and other browsers.

    *SNI technology can encounter problems in the following cases:

  • Internet Explorer (6, 7, 8, 9) on Windows XP or any IE version lower than 7 on any operation system
  • Safari (Windows XP)
  • On BlackBerry if use native BlackBerry browser
  • Windows Mobile up to 6.5
  • Nokia Browser and Opera Mobile for Symbian on Series60
  • The above are all endangered versions nowadays. In XP there are no problems with our SSL on Chrome, Firefox, Maxthon, Opera and many other browsers.

    Last Note

    Do you want to know more? Contact us. We take a wise and human approach in to these matters and we think it will not disturb you so much to ask more questions. This will improve the knowledge of our customers and will allow us to work with a better vision. Thank you for your preference and please move on and check the domain availability for a new internet domain for you.

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