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หน้าราคาโดเมนและบริการอีเมล์ Hosting-international.com: Domain names pricing page. Price list of common and uncommon TLDs available to buy. Costs and features of email services with detailed prices.

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Down here the list with prices about our TLD available. For Thai extensions please visit the Thai domain page. For information about what is included in the domain price: domain name features. Below in the page you will also find an article about email accounts and disk space for you to read and better understand the function of the email related to a domain name or a website.

Domain names price per year list:

-About domain pricing: do you think you can find better prices? Yes on the market you can find cheaper services (as well as more expensive). But beside quality (DNS etc.) we would like to remind you that if you buy hosting service with us you have 50% discount on domain name (one domain discounted each hosting package) Moreover if you buy only a domain you have 10% discount on the domain till end of June 2017 using the coupon: COUPON10%

You also have a customizable free one page website include in any domain you buy. Learn more about your free home page.

Buy domain names

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Domain name pricing

TLD Prices

Note: all prices in USD are estimate only. The real price will appear after the search of the domain that change everyday depending on exchange rate.


.com 500 baht (14usd)
.net 500 baht (14usd)
.biz 600 baht (17usd)
.org 600 baht (17usd)
.in 500 baht (14usd)
.la 1,500 baht (43usd)
.uk 400 baht (11.5usd)
.asia 600 baht (17usd)
.in.net 400 baht (11.5usd)
.eu 500 baht (14usd)
.es 500 baht (14usd)
.de 500 baht (14usd)
.co 400 baht (11.5usd)
.cn.com 800 baht (23usd)
.us 400 baht (11.5usd)
.co.com 1,200 baht (34usd)
.care 1,200 baht (34usd)
.info 500 baht (14usd)
.mobi 500 baht (14usd)
.tv 1,200 baht (34usd)
.co.uk 400 baht (11.5usd)
.ru.com 1,800 baht (51.5usd)
.com.de 300 baht (8.5usd)
.pro 600 baht (17usd)
.email 800 baht (23usd)
.club 300 baht (8.5usd)
.trade 300 baht (8.5usd)
.uk.com 1,500 baht (43usd)
.guru 1,200 baht (34usd)
.eu.com 800 baht (23usd)
.ltd 800 baht (23usd)
.group 850 baht (24usd)
.games 900 baht (26usd)
.agency 800 baht (23usd)
.social 1,200 baht (34usd)
.house 1,200 baht (34usd)
.ae.org 900 baht (26usd)
.ar.com 1,050 baht (30usd)
.businss 750 baht (21.5usd)
.media 1,200 baht (34usd)
.us.org 900 baht (26usd)
.gr.com 700 baht (20usd)
.org.uk 400 baht (11.5usd)
.me.uk 400 baht (11.5usd)
.sexy 750 baht (21.5usd)
.ca 550 baht (16usd)
.cc 850 baht (24usd)
.vip 600 baht (17usd)
.news 900 baht (26usd)
.network 750 baht (21.5usd)
.limited 1,150 baht (33usd)
.life 1,150 baht (33usd)
.ink 1,150 baht (33usd)
.plus 1,150 baht (33usd)
.pub 1,150 baht (33usd)
.sale 1,150 baht (33usd)
.bz 1,000 baht (28.5usd)
.com.es 450 baht (13usd)
.ch 700 baht (20usd)
.link 400 baht (11.5usd)
.me 350 baht (11.5usd)

To buy the above domain names send us an email: info@hosting-international.com or use our automatic e-commerce system in the buy domains page. For Thai domain TLD instead go to the Thai domain page.

.cafe 1,200 baht (34usd)
.br.com 2,000 baht (57usd)
.holdings 1,800 baht (51.5usd)
.equipment 800 baht (23usd)
.graphics 800 baht (23usd)
.photography 800 baht (23usd)
.construction 1,150 baht (33usd)
.contractors 1,150 baht (33usd)
.kitchen 1,150 baht (33usd)
.land 1,150 baht (33usd)
.technology 800 baht (23usd)
.tattoo 1,200 baht (34usd)
.tips 800 baht (23usd)
.enterprises 1,150 baht (33usd)
.center 800 baht (23usd)
.photos 800 baht (23usd)
.recipes 1,800 baht (51.5usd)
.company 800 baht (23usd)
.computer 1000 baht (28usd)
.training 1,150 baht (33usd)
.solutions 800 baht (23usd)
.cheap 1,150 baht (33usd)
.uk.net 1,500 baht (43usd)
.repair 1,150 baht (33usd)
.coffee 1,150 baht (33usd)

Privacy feature, when allowed, charge: FREE!

We try our best to stay update. Anyway prices and regulation can changed without notice. The final price is the one you will see through the e-commerce cart or the one you will receive by email before payment.


SSL 1 year 800 baht, 2 years 1,000 baht.

Domain name restrictions:

All domain are subject to different regulations depending on domain. We apply the standard rule for each of domain. For example some domain require a physical presence in determinate territory. Other domain can request further documentation before issuing the requested domain/TLD.
In some country names related to the internet, cybersquatting and names contrary to the laws of the specific country are not allowed.

@ Email account and disk space @

Disk space can be tricky. Beside the event of you using your web hosting for dispatch movie and video (please respect the copyrights laws are you could be subject to account termination) or music, you don’t need much of space. The disk space consuming is due often to email accounts. Example: a company with several employees all with a different corporate email account. So, how to choose the right email provider or service? We try to explain the main features to better let you choose your email account.

Email account joined with your hosting account created with cPanel:


  • Are free of charge or included in your hosting package
  • Are unlimited or anyway you can create many different email accounts
  • Are easy to be managed
  • Disadvantages:

  • Use disk space of your hosting
  • Can be little slow if used in webmail
  • UI (user interface) not so modern compare to Gmail, Outlook and other global email provider
  • Solution 1:

    You can create twins accounts in your Gmail or Yahoo or other email account and link them to the cPanel accounts. This is the best solution as you can use state of the art email provider, you can have many email accounts and don’t have to worry about disk space. It is just a bit thinking as you have to put in place its “twin” email account in Gmail, Yahoo or other account (remember to NOT leave a copy of the message on the server to avoid disk space consuming). Don't worry about the email that are not any longer on the server: you will not lose email as the email will be already in your Gmail or Yahoo or other account that you can also see with a smart phone via POP3 or IMAP (ask how to set in case). Moreover is the less expensive solution as it is included in the hosting package!

    Solution 2:

    Use the email created with cPanel with an email client like Outlook, Thunderbird or other. This solution is suitable for office situation only. The client will remove the email from the server every time it download. But in this case you will not have a copy anymore on the server and you cannot use the IMAP function as the email will disappear from online and will just stay in the computer where the client is located. The client DON'T have to use IMAP protocol. Use POP3 and SMTP instead. You can avoid the inconvenient of not having email online selecting "leave a copy on the server" but also creating a cron job that delete old email (we can create it for you) so the accounts will not drastically consume your disk space allowance and you can still use mobile devices based on POP3 or IMAP.

    Email account without hosting account (only domain)

    In case you don’t buy a hosting package but only a domain name you will have 2 email accounts of 100MB each included in the domain price. It sounds little bit limitative but (beside it is free) if you don’t need more than 2 accounts you can override the limit of 100MB linking your email with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook as just described above.

    Outsource email provider

    You can use many yourname@yourdomain.com, yourname2@yourdomain.com ... accounts also without worrying about disk space. Just try Google App or Outlook or other provider and insert the relative MX record in your domain (we can do it for you). In this way the email will be managed from the email provider directly with all advantage of the case.


    The App are not for free and we don’t provide assistance or instruction beside the MX records because are not our products.


    If you are oriented in this direction we offer a set up service and assistance on various email services:

    Note: all the account can be used in mobile devices, smart phone, tablet etc.

    If you want: buy email service.

    For out of the ordinary limit check Hi-So promotion: Smart Hi-So, Hi-So hosting and VIP Bangkok hosting solution

    Last Note

    If you feel confused about which domain name and or extension to choose please contact us. We have experience in choosing domain names. We can suggest you the better depending on the needs of your business/website/blog. Sometimes it is not even necessary to buy and expensive TLD as the .com still works very well. In some case instead a .care could let your company gain in image and reputation.
    About email then we can also drive you to the right choice once we will know your real necessity and the kind of use or purpose of the email.
    So do not hesitate to send a request of suggestion (free of charge and no commitment) to info@hosting-international.com

    Thank you.

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