We came across a nice article on the web: Worst Web Hosting Practices To Watch Out For

So we decide to underline all what we don't do.

Telling about fast-performing servers when they’re actually painfully slow. Our server are really fast. Beside SSD equipped and beside the money back guarantee you can ask the URL of some websites of our customers to test yourself.

Having a really bad user interface that isn’t worth the service’s cheap value. We use cPanel that is a well known interface. No something limited "only for us" interface that nobody knows.

Let the customers waiting hours to get connected to someone to help you out on an issue. Our customer service has a working time: 09:00 - 20:00. During this time the operators will answer very fast, no waiting time.

Charging you for things you had no intention of buying. At the end of the online process to buy our services you will see the total amount and that it will be! You can also wire money to our bank.

Offering you unbeatable prices but make you regret it once you find out how crappy the server performance is. We don't have unbeatable prices, we are in line with the market, this allow us to sell a reliable product. We don't want to beat others, we want to achive.

Charge you a month earlier than mentioned without warning and then ignore you. We don't have ANY automatic subscriptions. We have automatic email that will remind you to pay to renew your services. To pay you have manually enter your credit/debit card details (or Paypal or wire in bank or pay with Bitcoin) and push the pay button. We don't even store credit/debit card details.

When you run into trouble try to upsell you on a website builder promising that everything should work fine afterward. If you encounter a technical problem we must solve it. If the problem is resources related we will first try to find a solution (maybe you are doing backup of backup eating your disk allowance, maybe there is an attack that you are not aware...). If your business is just growing a lot we will be happy to offer you new solution without any obbligation always in line with market price. Anyway our resources are well displayed in our website and you can contact for more information.

Making hard for you to tie a domain name purchased from somewhere else. Or transfer a domain out. Our hosting offer states: "Domains not included can be bought also from other providers". If you need transfer out we also give you assistance. Our philosophy: if the door is locked you will look for a way out; if it is wide open, why run away?

Offering hosting for free but you have no control over most of the back-end (and even front-end) stuff. Easy: we don't have free hosting. We have free email if you buy a domain and a free home page (not hosting!) if you buy a domain.

Selling “unlimited” hosting, but force you to upgrade once your website stops being a ghost city. Unlimited is not a word that can be apply in hosting industries. We don't have unlimited offers beside the VIP Bangkok hosting where we state that UNLIMITED is the disk space for website and email, not storage! You can read our point number 14 (Unimited definition) in our terms of services. And to cut a long story short: we don't have unlimited promotions...

Please read the article in the link above and feel free to ask more about our services!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

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